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Pit Boss 700 Pellet Grill Review [A Budget Option Grill That Covers All the Essentials]

Pit Boss is a Dansons Incorporated owned brand that promises world-class grills of all types. The Pit Boss PB700FB is one of the finest in their line up of grills. It is said to be the best pellet grill for the money and an excellent product that lives up to expectations.

Pit Boss 700 Pellet Grill

Find out what are the interesting features within this Pit Boss 700 pellet grill review. Also learn, why its value proposition is better than the other offerings on the BBQ grill market. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this grill.

  • advanced flame boiler
  • heavy duty steel wheels
  • Verstatile grill
  • Value for money

Pit Boss, the company, which was found in 1999, manufactures and sells top quality wood pellet grills, stoves, heaters, and other related products for their two brands – Louisiana Grill and Pit Boss. Their grills have consistently been graded as the best in their class evidenced by the numerous awards that the company has received over the years.


It’s a versatile piece of outdoor cooking equipment that can do it all. Whether you need to smoke, bake, braise, sear, flame broil, sauté, grill, or barbeque, the PB700FB has got you covered. Adaptable grills like these can be expensive. The Pit Boss PB700FB offers the best value for money per square inch of cooking area versus other grills.

If you’re in the market for an outdoor grill, then this review will help you understand the value proposition of the inexpensive, but highly capable PB700FB.

Pit Boss PB700FB Pellet Grill Review

Our comprehensive assessment is aimed at eliminating the headache of scouring the web in search of details on this particular Pit Boss grill. In it, you will find its features, specifications, and analysis of its benefits and weaknesses.

Rest assured that this Pit Boss PB700FB review will be 100% unbiased. All the opinions you are about to read are from our research and experience.

Key Specifications

  • Product size: 41.3’’ x 26.6’’ x 43.8’’
  • 700 square-inch in total cooking surface
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron grids
  • Digitally controlled heat management system
  • Fueled only by 100% hardwood pellets
  • 20 lbs. hopper capacity
  • Cooking temperature ranges from 170 to 600 degrees
  • Extra space for cooking in the upper compartment
  • Advance flame boiler
  • One-year warranty
  • Cooking area: 27" x 19"
  • Weight: 118 pounds

Features Of The Pit Boss PB700FB

1) Heavy Duty Feed System

Smoking usually takes a long time, so you usually end up using a lot of pellets. It is, therefore, important that the pellet feeding tray is sturdy enough to handle a large load. The heavy-duty construction on the Pit Boss grill ensures just that so you can slow cook with ease.

2) Pellet Cleanout

Collecting unused pellets is as easy as opening a hatch at the bottom of the feed system, and the pellets will just come rushing out. A similar hatch opening method is available for the burned pellets from inside the fire pit.

3) Adjustable Upper Cooking Rack

The upper cooking rack is an often-overlooked feature. The PB700FB has an excellent quality upper cooking rack that also has porcelain coating.

4) Dome Thermometer

Keeping the heat stable is also essential for smoking and barbequing. For these purposes, there is a standard dome thermometer for heat monitoring and maintenance.

5) Digital Temperature Control

Cooking the perfect barbeque is a science. It requires precision control overheating which is achievable by using the digital temperature control that comes standard on the PB700FB. 

Using the dial, you can adjust the temperature from 170⁰-600⁰ Fahrenheit.

6) Heavy-Duty Steel Wheels

Grills are large and heavy pieces of machinery so moving them around can be tricky. This is why wheels that can support its weight is necessary for moving it around.

The heavy-duty steel wheels ensure that you can move the grill from one place to another in a reasonably straightforward.

7) Innovative Flame Broiler

The fire pit is located at the center, and it is covered by an arched metal shield with slits on them. The slits let the flame through so you could use the bottom grill to sauté or fry anything you want. This innovation makes the Pit Boss an extremely versatile product.

8) Arched Grease Dome

The arched metal shield of the fire pit also functions to divert grease away from the fire pit and on to the grease bucket.

9) Grease Bucket

The grease bucket is conveniently placed on the right side of the grill where not much activity expected, so it's not in the way of your cooking.

The Pros and Cons

While the standard features are all present, there are some areas of the grill where Dansons cut some corners to make the Pit Boss PB700FB as inexpensive as it is. Here are the pros and cons so that you can see things more clearly.


  • A complete system that has all the essential features of a multipurpose outdoor grill.
  • Offers the best value for money per square inch than other more expensive versions of the grills even within the Pit Boss line of products
  • The center position of the fire pit helps it distribute heat more evenly
  • Pit Boss customer service is excellent with committed agents going above and beyond their duty to help customers with potential problems


  • Lacks a side shelf
  • The smaller cooking surface might be a little small for larger parties

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it come with a warranty?

Yes. It comes with a one-year warranty on workmanship on all steel parts and electricals.

2. Does it have a fan for convection?

The combustion air fan doubles as a convection fan. However, when it’s turned on, you’ll feel that there is a significant amount of hot air coming from the sides of the door.

3. Does it come with pellets?

No. It does not come with pellets. However, you can purchase all kinds of pellets online or at your local store.

4. It has the main dimensions of the entire machine but what are the dimensions of the main cooking grate?

The main grate is approximately 27” x 19”.


5. Do I have to use Pit Boss branded wood pellets, or will any brand of pellets work on it?

No. But be careful about using other brands as they may contain glue that might stick to Pit Boss.

6. How do you clean the ash on the Pit Boss?

You can use a regular vacuum cleaner to clean out the ash from the inside of the Pit Boss. However, don’t forget to let it cool down first as the hot surface might melt plastic nozzles on the vacuum cleaners.

7. Are there additional accessories that I need to buy?

The PB700FB is ready to be used right out of the box. However, there are different accessories that you may purchase like the Pit Boss Cover. It's made out of polyester, so it protects it from the elements.

8. How long do the pellets last?

Generally, pellets last for 2 ½ lbs. per hour on maximum heat. So, a full hopper would last for around 6–8 hours.

Final Verdict

Pit Boss PB700FB Pellet Grill

Our Rating
Pit boss 700 pellet grill review

We put together this Pit Boss 700 pellet grill review in the first place to help shoppers make an informed decision when it comes to such a big-ticket item.

With that being said, the Pit Boss brand is at the lower end of the pricing spectrum. For one, the quality of the steel used in the product might be compromised as evidenced by numerous reports of bent and dented areas upon unboxing.

Paint job might also be a weak point that might turn you off on the Pit Boss. The biggest question, however, remains to be the erratic temperature control.

These negative properties being said, it is worth noting that the functionality of the Pit Boss is not compromised, in any way. In the numerous reports that put its quality in question, only a minimal number said that the Pit Boss did not function as advertised.

We would recommend that you check out other products in the same price range before deciding to buy.

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