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Best Gymnastics Bars for Home Use In 2023 [Top 6 Reviewed]

Are you looking for a sturdy and durable gymnastics bars for home use? You have come to the right place. We have discovered that young gymnast who practice gymnastics regularly at home are more confident and skilful when compared to those whom only have the chance to practice in their school gyms.

Quick Answer: Best Gymnastics Bars For Home Use

So who is our winner? For those who wants to jump straight to our final verdict, here are our top picks.

best value

  • Comes With Foldable Mat
  • Made Of High Quality Steel With Wood Dowel
  • Vinyl Cover - Fire Retardant And Puncture Resistant


  • Adjustable Height
  • Available In Different Colors
  • Safe And Superb Design
  • Steel Construction With A Smooth Powder Coated Finish

Table of Comparison

We have designed a comparison table below for your easy reference.

ProductFeaturesOur Rating

Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar
Weight Limit: 125 lbs

Height: Adjustable from 38"-59"

Dimensions: 54"x72"

Material: Steel Frame with Beech Wood Bar

Price: $$$
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Z-Athletic Gymnastics Bar
Weight Limit: 130 lbs

Height: Adjustable from 36"-59"

Dimensions: 55.2"x52"

Material: Steel Frame with FIG Approved Bar Rail

Price: $$
More Details

Nimble Sports Junior Adjustable Horizontal Bar
Weight Limit: 100 lbs

Height: Adjustable at 5 levels

Dimensions: 48"x48"

Material: Steel Frame with Wood Dowel

Price: $
More Details

XTEK Gym Gymnastics Bar
Weight Limit: 140 lbs

Height: Adjustable from 36"-60"

Dimensions: 48"x48"

Material: Solid steel with Beech Wood Bar

Price: $
More Details

Tumbl Trak Jr Kip Bar
Weight Limit: 125 lbs

Height: Adjustable from 38"-56"

Dimensions: 48"x72"

Material: Steel with Solid Wood Bar

Price: $$
More Details

Nimble Sports Horizontal Bar and Mat
Weight Limit: 100 lbs

Height: Not Adjustable

Dimensions: 48"x72"

Material: Steel Frame with wood dowel

Price: $$
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Top 6 Gymnastics Bars Detailed Reviewed

All models recommended here are considered to be the best for home use. Some models may be preferred by others, therefore, please do read in details, which models may suit you the best. 

gymnastics bars for home use

First of all, this gymnastics training bar is considered to be a professional piece of equipment. The attention to details is impressive and the entire unit is built to last for a long period of time.

The main material is made of high-quality steel, so the users can be certain that all moves they want to perform are safe and possible. The wood bar has 1 ½ inches dimensions and it has been tested by professional athletes. In other words, you will get the ultimate equipment that professionals are using.

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This fiberglass athletic expandable looks great and is available in 2 colours. There is also no need of bolting it into the ground as they are already stable. 

The tested unit is also suitable for beginners, semi-professionals and actual professionals. The main advantages of this model is its quality, attention to the details and functionality.

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Now we present you a more affordable gymnastics bar that is ideal for kids. First and foremost, keep in mind that the weight load of this bar is 100 pounds. It isn’t recommended for adults and teenagers.

The stability is decent, the wood bar is heavy duty and durable and you have the ability to adjust to different heights with this bar. The main colour is purple, so we believe that girls will fall in love with this bar. 

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Parents looking for a good gym bar for their children will like this model. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is well-made, comes with all the features you need and suitable for children who have serious plans about becoming a professional athlete.

This model here is made with the help of the latest technology that enhances the stability and the maximum weight load of the bar. Considering all of its benefits mentioned, this unit is priced reasonably.

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Tumbl Trak is a brand that’s known to make gymnastics training bar suitable for the most demanding users. This junior kip bar performed well in all our tests and it is one of the best-selling units out there. Obviously adjusting the bar height is possible, you can choose between 38 and 56 inches. 

The rounded edges are added for extra safety, the bar is strong and the unit can be yours in green, red and purple colour. As such, we can assume that this gymnastics junior kip bar will be the top choice of many potential athletes.

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The Nimble Sports 4ft Purple Horizontal Bar is a great value for money. This particular model doesn’t have adjustable height. The fixed height is 3 feet and the base is 4 feet wide. It is made of steel with a wood dowel.

This bar can be used for both beginners that needs the extra safety and also for advanced gymnasts who are planning to perform complicated stunts.

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Buying Guide

Home gymnastics bars are popular items indeed and they deserve your full attention. Just think of all the benefits you or your little gymnast will get once you have them installed at home. One thing we will have to mention is the necessity of a buyer’s guide.

There are a lot of different models on the market, so you will need to know a thing or two before you decide which model is the most suitable for you. Below, we will list all the main factors you might need to take into consideration.

1) Height

There is no point in getting a bar that is not suitable for you. If you make a mistake buying a training bar that is either too tall or too short, you will not be able to use it.

Always consider the optimal height of a gymnastics training bar first. It must be tall enough so you can perform all possible moves and stunts. Most importantly, it must also provide the corresponding safety.

2) Adjustable height

When you get a gym bar with adjustable height, you can use it for a longer period of time. It is also very useful if you have more than one gymnast at home.

There are two main differences here.The first type is where  the training bar can be set in any height a user prefers. As such, it does not have any fixed points for increasing the height. They are usually more expensive due to its precision and are always used and recommended by professionals.

The other types are models that have fixed height points that can be adjusted. Some have 3 while others have 5 different settings. From our experience, it is better to get one with higher number of height settings.

3) Width

Note that we are referring to the width of the training bar, not the entire base. It must be wide enough for a user to use it without any problems. For example, wider models are more suitable for adults, while narrower units are designed for children. They have smaller hands and therefore needs a narrower model.

4) Base

There are two sub-factors which are determined by the base construction. The first one is stability. Wider platforms are more stable so they are safer. The next sub-factor is the mat compatibility. 

In essence, the base of a platform must be wide enough to accommodate a professional mat. Remember that getting good gymnastics mats for home are mandatory as they have a huge effect on safety!

5) Weight load

Almost all gym bars come with a different weight load. Some of them can withstand 100 pounds, while others have more than 300 pounds. It is very important to know that you must not exceed the weight load limit.  Damage to the bar may occur which will cause a serious injury!

The weight limit must be considered according to your own weight. Bars for children usually have 100-150 pounds weight load, while those made for adults can reach up to 350 pounds.

6) Materials

When we take a look at gymnastics training bars, we can see three main materials. They are:

  • Wood- It is the most appealing choice and the most comfortable of them all. However, the weight load is lower than in other two cases.
  • Metal- This material is the strongest alternative and it can be seen on high-end gymnastics bars. However, it is far from being the most comfortable.
  • Fiberglass- You won’t be able to find a bar that is made of fiberglass only. It is used as an addition and the rod is inserted into the wood dowel. The comfortability is superb, and the strength and the weight load are significantly improved.

We will add that when it comes to the platform or the base of these bars, steel is the safest option. It is the strongest alternative and the most durable.

7) Skill level

This refers to your skill level rather than on the bar itself. If you are a professional, you will need a taller bar with many optional extras. If you are a beginner, you will need a unit with adjustable height and with basic features.

It is always a better choice to get a model that comes with adjustable height. Obviously, you will be able to use it for a longer period of time. 

Lastly, you can also use the bar to play some entertaining games.

8) Stability

Stability depends on many, different factors. Look for the width of the base. Look at the base weight as well. Wider and heavier platforms are safer and as such a much better alternative.

By getting a model with this advantage, you will be safer while doing your workout at home. An unstable gymnastics training bar may have a catastrophic effect on your safety!

9) Optional extras

Replacement parts are usually easy to find and they won’t be expensive. But, optional extras are a completely different story. Most models don’t even support them, so you won’t be able to upgrade your bar.

Therefore, models that comes with optional extras are definitely worthy of consideration. You can also check out other forms of home gymnastic equipments.

The extensions can be related to increasing the weight of the base and making the platform more stable. Others will offer mats as an optional extras while some may provide more advanced upgrades. If you are looking for a gymnastic beam to improve your balancing, check out this article.

Final Verdict

Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gym Bar

Gymnastics bars for home use is a very popular item due to its overwhelming benefits it will bring to their gymnast health and well being. Based on our final verdict, we find that the Tumbl Trak Junior PRO is our best choice. It is the most professional model, easy to assemble and has a strong base.

Please note that other models from our list may be the most suitable for you, therefore please take them into consideration as well. 

Our Rating
  • Stability and Safety
  • Easy to Set up
  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Suitable for all gymnasts

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