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What is Zero Gravity Massage Chair? [Speciality & Benefits Covered]

Massage chairs have been a sensation as soon as they were launched in the market. There have been numerous models with interesting cool features included in them. One of the most intriguing concept is the zero gravity feature.

We will try to make it as simple as possible for our fellow readers. The question of ‘what is zero gravity massage chair?’ can be a little bit enticing to everybody. So, let us roll with it.

What Is Zero Gravity?

We understand this term coming from topics involving space. It is when someone is in the space and they feel weightlessness. This mainly happens due to a change in the gravitational force. The body tries its own way to make the force neutral.

We have often seen it in movies when the astronauts float around their spaceships. Looks fun don't you think? But how did this fancy idea get incorporated into a massage chair?

What Is Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

what is zero gravity massage chair

The main component of the zero gravity massage chair is its reclining function. It is quite different from the usual massage chairs. It reclines you to a position where your legs are higher up than your upper body. This increases the blood circulation of your body and also the usage of oxygen. It almost gives you a weightless feeling of zero gravity that one would experience when they in space. It does give one of the best massages that you would have experienced.

People who have used the zero gravity chairs claim that it is more relaxing than the normal massage chairs. The zero gravity massage chair may feel a little intimidating at first because of its angle of recline. But as soon as you are in the chair there is no more doubt. It relaxes your whole body through the several features and gives you the feel of a real message.

Vibrations are a common part of all massage chairs but the zero gravity chairs are a little different. Most of the models use several airbags to help to achieve ultimate relaxation. The other thing that is found in them is the heat function; it helps to release the stress from your back. Rollers are also present in the models to give you the feel of a masseur’s hands.

The zero gravity chairs are also priced quite affordable. We found this six-step guide to find the best zero gravity chair that can help you decide easier. However, it is important to note that those chairs does not come with hand massage. If you are looking for a good portable hand massager that massages your hands and fingers, click here.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chair

1. The first benefit has to be the position of the chair. It mimics the position of the astronauts when they are about to launch. The pressure of your body is evenly distributed which de-stresses. Of course, it wouldn’t make you feel weightless. But it would definitely help you in battling the pressure that you have been feeling at certain points.  The position also intensifies the feeling of massage on your body.

2. The recline helps in the blood circulation of the body. The legs are at an elevation so the blood flows to the heart and your brain. It definitely helps people who have swelling and pain in their legs. It is also great for people suffering from varicose veins. The blood which is stuck will get slowly released when the chair is used every day. 

3. The recline also helps in aligning the spine. Often our spines and the nearby muscles are tensed due to prolonged sitting. The reclined position eases that tension and helps us in having a better back. Nerves are also eased which decreases pain in that area. 

4. Like any massage chair, the zero gravity chair also helps in relaxing the muscle. The increased blood circulation helps in feeding oxygen to the muscles. This tones them and also relieves the tightness that may have been there. 

5. A whole body massage just relaxes you in the best way possible. It gives you a much-needed break and provides you with the power to work. It is often the thing that you need the most in your life.


So, here we conclude the article. We hope you have got the answer to ‘what is zero gravity massage chair?’ Go to the nearest wellness store and take a demo to actually feel this amazing feature from the chair.

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