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Winter Decorating Ideas for A Comfy Home [Check Out These Tips]

Winter makes us shy, wants to feel precious from time to time, that is why it is important for our home to be the warm and welcoming space, decorated in warm colors, filled with objects made of soft and fluffy materials, which we need to feel good, relax every time we get home.

With the change of weather, a change in the decor of the dwelling is also necessary. The first signs of the coming of winter are a good opportunity for us to focus our attention on the space we live in. Find some helpful winter decorating ideas from this article, for you to work for your comfy home.

Decoration Tips for Winters

# Tip 1 - Let the lights in

winter decorating ideas

If the decorative items in the house include heavy materials such as velvet (curtains, blankets, sofa covers), it's time to make some changes. Given that winter darkens earlier, days are sunless all the time, it is advisable to opt for more vivid and voluble materials and textures; it is good to give up the velvet drapes or to replace this material with one that gets as much light as possible.

We cover the sofa or seats with upholstery made of materials in brighter tones or prints that express vivacity.

# Tip 2 - Replace the mats

The beautiful comfortable mats look very fit in the winter. Not only are they warm, but also give the home a pleasant look.

# Tip 3 - Rethinking the focal point

If the furniture is not centered in front of a fireplace, for example, for winter days we need to rethink this arrangement: move the focal point close to the heat sources and as close as possible to the heat sources.

The place dedicated to the conversation must be enjoyed as relaxed as possible, and the image of the fireplace in which wood cracks, while we are enjoying a cinnamon-flavored wine is best suited to this.

# Tip 4 - Creating a welcoming balcony

Most of us are tempted to let the balcony out of topic during winter, but this place deserves attention too. You can keep the accumulated snow out without much effort by using a snow blower. You can get the look of a balcony loaded with different handicraft items, possibly some lazy chairs to enjoy looking at your first snowflakes. Or decorating with some lights can be a good idea too.

# Tip 5 - Natural flowers

In winter, it is advisable to have as many "healthy" sources as possible, to make us breathe a fresh, fresh air. It is known that flowers, flower pots are a source of oxygen, beneficial for our body throughout the winter. Guess what? Decorating with flowers does make your living space look more vivid and vibrant too. 

# Tip 6 - Re- Accessorizing the house

It is advisable to refurbish the accessories and give a new appearance to the shelves. Thus, we can remove the dust from them and replace the objects so that everything looks bright. We bring oriental or white metal to the surface, arrange a collection of decorative bins / jugs or bottles. Near the winter holidays, it is known that we can decorate the home with the most interesting or coarse ornaments. 

Cleaning Process

General Cleanliness

It is good to reorganize and divide our tasks so that we can enter any corner that has not been exploited for a long time. The result will be a clean house with fresh air, free of dust or mites.

Cleaning the Fireplace

Before the fireplace is used, the fireplace must first be checked and cleaned, removed as much ash around it in order to emit heat.

Cleaning Room by Room

1. Kitchen

The kitchen must be kept clean in order not to face more serious problems. This means that every time you cook or eat, you have to clean up the mess immediately, do not leave dirty pots from one day to the next, because you risk not being able to clean them well, and such vessels can become true "bombs" to your health.

It's enough to get dirty on your hands when you touch the tap and the place is infested. Over time, microbes will form a biofilm that can alter the dishes, but also fruits and vegetables when you wash them. Therefore, you should thoroughly clean the tap, at least every few days.

The sponge is like a heaven for microbes. And the dish towel. According to studies in the United States, 7% of the dish towels were infected with gold staphylococcus. Neither E-coli, the kitchen towels are very good. Also, the refrigerator is not safe if you don’t clean it often enough. The bacteria can spread to the food and you can get sick because of it.

2. Bath

For a clean bath you have to do a little clean every day to keep the microbes from gathering. If you want to keep the glare of the bathtub, you have to give up the abrasives. Rather than using such substances once a week, better clean your daily bathtub with non-abrasive detergents.

3. Bedroom

Air the rooms for at least half an hour every day. Do not heat the rooms to more than 20 ° C and the humidity should not exceed 50%. 

  • Change beddings more often
    At least once a week, you should have a freshly washed bedding to help you have a quiet, healthy sleep. You can wash the bedding at 60 degrees Celsius in the washing machine.
  • Carefully clean the mattress
    At least twice a year, use the maximum power of the vacuum cleaner to powerfully vacuum the mattress you are sleeping on. If you have a pouch for her, do not forget to wash it at least once a month. Any signs of deformation or wear of the mattress should be changed because it can affect your column.
  • Take care of the floor cleanliness
    Vacuum the bedroom once a week (you can do it even more often, if you have a carpet), thoroughly wipe in the corners and under the bed. Clean the parquet floor with a slightly damp cloth and take care of the dust (which can cause severe allergies) from the furniture in the bedroom. The vacuum cleaner should be operated approximately twice a week and must be inspected with the vacuum cleaner under the furniture. Ideally, the vacuum cleaner bag should also have a purifier to help fight bacteria and mites, and to perfume the room.


Hopefully with our winter decorating tips, able to help you to get some ideas on creating the warmth feeling of your home sweet home. 

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