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10 Simple and Smart Ways to Improve The Security of Your Home

Ways to Improve The Security of Your Home

Home security is one of the many things that most people do not bring to mind until they need to. For sure, after a burglar breaks into your home, neglecting and disregarding the issue of home security won't feel like an impossible option anymore.

However, just like exercising and eating right, it is much better to try to avoid problems or issues in the first place than fixing them once they occur, which is especially true for home security. A lot of people eschew burglar-proofing their home since it might seem like a difficult task.

People may think they have no idea where to begin, or they will worry about the expense of securing their home. For a little help, here are ten valuable tips about improving the security of your home.

1) ​Security Cameras

If you're worried about potential burglars entering your home or merely wanting to check on your pets, then security cameras such as Ring Stick Up Cam Wired could undoubtedly help.

You can opt to buy home security cameras online or at a local store. Nevertheless, it'd help to visit review sites online such as Security Baron.

2) Strengthen Your Locks

If you have a frail and feeble door jamb, then door locks won't do good. Beef up your door jamb with long screws and a large steel strike plate. These reinforcements will aid in strengthening your door against would-be or possible break-ins.

You can buy strike plate hardware at any hardware store. Alternatively, you can opt to hire a handyman to help you if you are not competent using a drill. And during this time, change weak locks with secure, well-built grade deadbolts.

Additionally, ensure all of your exterior doors have, for the most part, interior door hinges. Also, if you ever lose or misplace your key, make sure to replace all locks.

3) Beef Up Your Windows

Reinforcing your windows does not mean you have to nail them shut. Keep in mind that our homes can leverage or take advantage of continual doses of fresh air. With that said, get the best home security and ventilation by installing window stops.

This home improvement enables windows to be unlatched or unlocked several inches. However, not vast enough for a possible burglar or thief to fit through.

4) Motion Sensor Lighting

Leaving the light on your porch while you are at work or on vacation seems like an incredible idea since it can make people believe that someone's home.

However, the problem is that when the porch light stays on all the time, it has the reverse effect.

It makes it apparent and evident that no one is home to turn off the porch light. So, what should you do? The solution is to install motion sensor lighting. It automatically turns on when a person comes within the sensor's range. Thus, deterring possible burglars or thieves and help save money on your bill.

5) Keep Valuables In Unpredicted Places

No, we are not referring to the sock drawer, which is one of the common places to hide valuables. Rather, consider keeping your valuables in more unpredicted places, for example, inside other household goods, a box of menstrual pads or tampons, or as a tennis ball.

6) Hold Your Mail And Newspaper Delivery

A heap of newspapers on the front porch and stacks of mail jam-packed in the mailbox clearly says that nobody's home. For this reason, wherever you go on vacation or trip, make certain that you ask the newspaper and post office to hold your deliveries.

Or better yet, ask a neighbour or a friend to get the fliers, mail, and newspapers from your house every day while you are away.

7) Protect Air Conditioning Units

Do you know that unprotected window HVAC units can effortlessly be shoved inside the house, leaving a window wide-open for potential thieves to crawl through? Get rid of this risk by using corner braces to fasten the air conditioning unit in place, or a sliding, bracket window lock.

8) Store Ladders Inside

Leaving a ladder on the lawn is like sending an invitation to burglars to enter your house in no time. As such, store ladders inside, whether in a garden shed or locked garage, to restrict access to your home.

9) Acquire Insurance

Think about including replacement-expense coverage to your insurance policy for your home.

Say, for instance, if thieves got everything out of your property, the replacement-cost coverage could, without a doubt, save you lots of money than a standard coverage.

If you have items like jewellery covered at low limits under a standard coverage, then think of adding policies for them.

10) Trim the Shrubs

Overgrown plants and shrubs tell potential burglars they will have less likelihood of getting seen. Also, it gives them the idea that you might not be around that much. As such, give shrubs a trim so that it won't be easy for thieves to hide. Keep your front bushes at about 3ft high to boost visibility while securing privacy.

Alternatively, you can deter burglars by preventing access via your garden. Opt for a thick wall of thorny bushes or hedging throughout the backyard. For sure, potential burglars wouldn't want to move past this wall and risking cutting herself or himself in the dark.


Even though heist films feature intelligent criminals, who beat or win against the most advanced security systems, not a lot of us need security measures strong enough to defeat Ocean's crew. Take note that it does not take a lot of know-how, or smarts to be a thief.

Most get in a home directly by opening unlocked windows or doors, or easily breaching unsecured systems. Fortunately, there are simple and smart ways to improve and enhance the security of your household significantly.

It includes installing security cameras, strengthening your locks, beefing up your windows, installing motion-sensor lighting. Plus, keeping valuables in unpredicted places, holding your deliveries, protecting HVAC units, storing ladders inside, acquiring insurance, and trimming the shrubs.

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