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Tank Water Heater Vs Tankless Version [Which Is Better?]

water heater vs tankless

Here is the biggest question of them all. Tank or tankless water heater? Without any doubt, we have to check out both the tank water heater vs tankless versions. They are completely different and they are designed to meet slightly different requirements.The real question is what the main differences are? Let’s check them out.

Storage Tank water heaters

These are the most common of them all chances are high that you already have one installed in your home. They are called storage tank water heaters simply due to the fact they have a storage tank which will be filled with water. They also have one pipe at the top which will go directly to the user.

These tanks can run on natural gas or on electricity. Electric models are more affordable and easier to install, but they are less efficient than another version here. Those that run on natural gas are more expensive, but a much better option. Both of these types can last around 10-15 years. As a matter of fact, some of them even come with a warranty of 15 years.

These water heaters come in many, different sizes, ranging between 20 and 80 gallons, but all of them do require plenty of space to be installed. This is the main reason why we won’t see them in small kitchens and apartments.

Tankless water heaters

These water heaters don’t have a tank and they will heat up the water as it passes through the heater. If you use around 41 gallons per a day, you are looking at increased efficiency for 40%. If you are using around 80 gallons daily, the efficiency will be added for additional 8%, compared to tank storage models. These water heaters can last between 20 and 40 years.

Here we can see that they are powered by gas or by electricity. The differences and similarities are basically the same as with the first case. Electric models are more affordable, they are easier to install and they require less maintenance. Those that run on natural gas are more expensive, and do require more maintenance, but they are more efficient.

An electric tankless water heater may have 92% efficient, compared to gas powered version, which has 85% efficiency, but it is cheaper to run and therefore, it is known for saving money every single time you use it.

These water heaters are small and compact, so they can be installed literally anywhere. Some are so small that they can be installed inside a kitchen cabinet and they will stay hidden at all times.

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In conclusion, you can see that in our water heater vs tankless water heater comparison, the tankless version is better. Basically they are smaller, more efficient and they last much longer. 

Yes, the initial installation may be more expensive, but you will save money every single time you use them.

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