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Is A Percussion Massager Better Than Shiatsu Massager?

We’ve known about using massage in therapeutic ways for so many centuries. Massage treatments are offering a great number of benefits. Massage can help you with back pains. It can also help pregnant women by making their labor shorter and will improve quality of your skin. In this article, we are going to talk about Shiatsu and Percussive massage techniques. Which one is better? Is a Percussion Massager Better than Shiatsu Massager?

Shiatsu Massagers

In Japanese language Shiatsu means “Finger Pressure.” This technique is used in Japan on a daily basis and is considered a legitimate, licensed medical therapy. To use this technique, you need to apply pressure to parts of the body that are in pain, using, as the name suggests, your fingers.

Today we have Mechanical Shiatsu Massagers that are designed to have the same effect as a finger or palm massage. They either have soft rolling points or mechanisms that provide a flat squeeze. Those points and the flat mechanisms will give you a good massage and make you feel re-energized.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massagers

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Regulates blood pressure and stress level
  • Relaxing muscles and tissues
  • Improves body flexibility
  • Boosts immunity and quality of the skin
  • Triggers the release of toxins from the body

Percussion Massagers

Is a Percussion Massager Better than Shiatsu Massager

Nowadays, Percussion Massagers are coming in various sizes and shapes. This depends on your preferences and needs to meet your requirements. Percussion massagers are using a percussive vibration onto your skin to reach inside your muscles.

Percussion massage can also be called “Vibration massage.” It can be used for both local and general application. Those percussive vibrations are going to help your muscles to be more relaxed. That’s why some doctors use it in their practices.

Benefits of Percussion Massagers

  • Hand-held percussion massagers are great for people who want massage themselves. Just plug it in and its ready to go
  • Your partner can use massager and massage you, making the experience even more relaxing
  • You also have percussion mattresses that can give you a full body massage. Simply by laying down, you can get a percussion massage
  • Portable accessories are a great choice when it comes to these type of massagers. By connecting to couch or chair, massager will apply to your whole back
  • You can buy a massage chair with a massager that is built in. I will rather have that than the portable add-on

Bottom Line

So what’s the verdict here? Is a Percussion Massager Better than the Shiatsu Massager? While both of these massagers are good in certain situations, percussion massagers are more practical than the Shiatsu ones. They allow you to have a good massage and relax, no matter where you are, even if you don’t have someone to give you back rub.

Or if you want more personal experience, your partner can use hand-held massager and apply it to your back. All in all, you won’t go wrong with either of these models, but if you want a more relaxing experience, go with the percussion model.

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