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How Are Chainsaw Bars Measured [Step-by-step Guides]

how are chainsaw bars measured

As time passed, the components of your home-used chainsaw may start to age or deteriorate. They need to be inspected and then changed so that the whole chainsaw isn’t ruined.

However, many people opt for buying a new chainsaw but it is absolutely unnecessary as both of them can be replaced by ourselves if done properly. So, you should learn how are chainsaw bars measured in order to find their replacement parts easily.

Parts that come with chainsaw include motor, a bar and a chain.  As long as you follow our guides, you can replace the old parts easily by yourself. So be sure to read on!

However, if your chainsaw could not be replaced anymore because the damage level is high, or you are on the lookout for new chainsaw, you may read our article on the best rated chainsaw, to find out which brands are the nominees.

What Is the Guide Bar of the Chainsaw?

The guide bar of the chainsaw is its steel part that you see directly coming out of the motor. It is oval-shaped, and the chain rotates over it to help in cutting.

The bar is important as it is the component that keeps the chain in place and makes the chainsaw a successful tool. So, if it gets damaged or bent, it is nearly impossible to use the chainsaw, that's why it need to be replaced as soon as possible otherwise it may ruined the whole chainsaw. A correct measurement is needed because different chainsaw has different measurement.

How to Determine Chainsaw Bar to Be Replaced

Tools Needed to Measure the Bar

  • A tap measure
  • A ratchet and socket

How to Measure the Chainsaw Bar?

  • 1
    Make sure the chainsaw is stable on a flat surface. Take out the spark plug wire to avoid potential accident while you are working on the measurements.
  • 2
    Start measuring the chainsaw bar with the help of the measuring tape. You should measure from the beginning of the bar to the very tip. If the measurement isn’t an exact figure, please round it to the nearest inch. Also, you may search common chainsaw bar sizes on the internet to check some results.
  • 3
    Many companies like to have the full length of the bar rather than just the protruding part. In that case, you can take the whole bar out by using a ratchet and socket on the chainsaw. Then measure the whole thing using a measuring tape. 

Important Notes: 

When the chain gets eroded or damaged, it needs to be changed immediately.

How to Measure the Chain on Your Chainsaw?

  • 1
    First, we have to find the ‘pitch’ and ‘gauge’ of the chain that we are using.  
  • 2
    Pitch is measured using the distance between any 3 consecutive rivets and then divide it by 2. Rivets are small studs holding the chain segments together.    
  • 3
    The gauge can be measured easily with the help of a quarter, a dime or even a penny. Clean the grime or oil that is present between the bar and the chain.
  • 4
    When it is done, use the coins in the bar grooves to see which has the most snug fit. Do not force the fit as it should go smoothly. A quarter stands for a gauge of 0.063, a penny for 0.058 gauge and a dime for 0.50 gauge.    
  • 5
    Then you use a chainsaw chain chart to find the right chain size for your chainsaw.   
  • 6
    Most companies these days provide the chain information on the bar itself. So, check the bar carefully for the sizes.

Final Thought

We hope that with our guide you manage to learn how are chainsaw bars measured. Follow the steps carefully to get the best results out of it.

Learn how to maintain your handheld power tool is essential, but learning to replace the old deteriorated parts would be a bonus. 

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