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How to Clean Your Kitchen Faucet Properly [Check Out These Tips]

A shiny and clean faucet, relieved of any microbes or muck, will definitely improve the looks of your kitchen, not to mention the performance of the faucet itself.

Therefore, here are some ways, tips, and tricks to make sure that your kitchen faucet is on point.

What Do You Need for Cleaning?

Before you start cleaning you should make sure to check the finish of the faucet with the creators, because different finishes require different tools and products for cleaning.

The finish is usually chrome but can be a lot of different things like polished brass, satin bronze or copper.

If your faucet is not extremely dirty and is free of built-up residue, you can simply wipe it using warm water and regular dish soap to give it a clean look. Afterward, just repeat the steps without using any soap, and make sure to use a new dishcloth.

But, if there are some heavier spots, you can always use a gentle cleaner from the local supermarket. That should be enough to wipe away all those pesky spots and stains and make the faucet look as good as new.

Do You Have a Problem with Gunk or Grime?

How to clean your kitchen faucet

In case your faucet is not simply stained but actually attacked by corrosion and lime deposit which has already built up, then you are going to have to make a couple of steps towards retrieving your faucet's former glory.

What do You Need?

1. White Vinegar

Vinegar works great when it comes to disinfecting your faucet, rinsing built-up scrum, or removing those stubborn stains that find their way into your kitchen.

The acetic acid present in vinegar is amazing against the calcium and magnesium deposits, created by none other than tap water. 

If you need your aerator cleaned from collected minerals, we recommend leaving it inside a mixture of water and vinegar for about an hour, then simply rinse the remains with a toothbrush.

2. Lemon

Another useful way to get rid of stains and limescale (whitish remains found in hot-water boilers and pipes) is by using lemons. Because lemon contains citric acid which functions as a softener, it is a great and easy solution.

All you need to do is cut a lemon in half or squeeze it into a dish, apply and leave it for at least two hours, then rinse rigorously and don't forget to dry using a clean dishcloth.

3. Ammonia

We all know that hard, pungent smell of ammonia, but when it comes to getting rid of those greenish or blue deposits on or inside your faucet, ammonia is the best. 

What you need to do is just make a 50/50 mixture of ammonia and water, apply the mixture and wait for a bit, ammonia works fast. Then wipe clean and wash the entire area, and also make sure to flush, in order to remove excess mixture. 

Another thing, you must wear gloves!

Final Thought

The above-listed are the most secure and guaranteed to work ways of cleaning your kitchen faucet, or any other for that matter.

Remember, it's your job to keep your kitchen faucet clean in order to keep up your kitchen hygiene level.

Good luck with your cleaning!

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