Fun Things to Do with a Leaf Blower [Other Than Blowing Leaves]

For the majority of us, we have always thought that leaf blower is only a garden cleaning tool. However, most people do not know there are actually a lot of fun things you can using a leaf blower. Although we all use leaf blowers for a specific purpose, they are perhaps also useful for having fun through creative ways.

Though there are a lot of fun things to do with a leaf blower for time passing, we strongly advise everyone should pay attention to safety precautions while having fun. Especially children under the age of 10 should not operate the leaf blower by themselves.


The following actions should be done by professional or well-experienced users in order to prevent possible risks and injuries. Children are strictly not allowed to handle a leaf blower by themselves.

1. Play Blower Bowling

Feel surprised to know that you can play bowling with your family in an interesting manner by using a leaf blower. All things required include a light ball that made up of plastic and a few unfilled soda bottles that would be acting as the usual bowling pins. 

Now, with the help of the blower, blow the ball to hit the pins. While this is somewhat challenging, people of all ages can enjoy playing it.

2. Capture Hilarious Photos

Why not bring some hilarious twist when taking family photos? Or simply, why not keep a mind-blowing photo shoot in your lawn? To do this, you just simply turn on the leaf blower and point it towards the members whose photo you want to take.

You would not believe but you will end up taking some pretty cool and comical photos. Just do not forget to protect your eyes by using some eye protection to prevent flying debris. You surely will treasure these shoot for years to come! This article covers a good range of good handheld blowers to execute this game.

3. Have Snow Clashes

fun things to do with a leaf blower

A leaf blower surely does help in clearing the snow. However, it also facilitates a fun way to play snow fights. It introduces an interesting twist in the conventional snowball throws. However, you will need a minimum of two leaf blowers. Just have fun watching out who throws more balls. 

You will actually need a powerful blower. This is because the fact is that with more powerful blower, there will be more fun benefit of throwing at the other person. In addition, you need to use powdery snow, not icy or wet snow to maximize your fun.

In this play, it is essential to use eye protection so that your eyes do not get harmed by anything hurtful in the air. Ear protection is strongly recommended as well as the more powerful of a leaf blower, the noisier it is.

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There are indeed a lot of creative and fun things to do with a leaf blower.

However, always remember that experienced users should always be involved during the fun time to ensure the safety of all members. If not handled properly, possible injuries may include cuts, bruises, eye injuries from the flying debris, hearing loss or damage if exposed to high noises, and may even cause fatality etc. 

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