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Electric Grill Recipes For Your Electric BBQ Sessions

The summer is over now! While you can still get some sunshine and enjoy a barbecue outside with friends and family, it is about time to give up and move indoors. No need to despair though! You can still enjoy the flavors of outdoor barbecues with a little upgrade – switching to electric grills and using electric grill recipes!

Electric grills come with a series of upgrades from the first versions. They have never been more versatile, while small features make them stand up in the crowd. Generally speaking, there are two major considerations when interested in switching to electric grill – adjustable temperature and grilling space.

But then, what else should you know?

Discovering the Open Grill Style

The open grill style is quite popular and allows cooking food from the bottom. Just like on a classic outdoor grill, you will have to flip the food over every few minutes for even cooking.

It is highly recommended to get a grill with a lid, yet most of them have to do these days. This feature provides a series of extra grilling solutions, but it also contains steam and smoke.

Unveiling the Contact Grill Style

The contact grill style is slightly different – some may say more efficient.

Basically, the lid is also involved in cooking – the top part of your food. For this type of grill, it is essential to look for a model with easily detachable parts for easy washing.

Contact grills are excellent at cooking steaks, burgers, pork, fish and vegetables.

Safety Considerations

As tempting as electric grill recipes seem at a first view, you just cannot but question the safety standards of indoor grilling. Sure, you know that outdoor grilling will release chemicals into the air, not to mention smoke and dripping fat.

Everything changes when you go indoors because these chemicals become history. You no longer need to use coals or wood pellets, so there is no smoke involved. Dripping fat will no longer reach fire, so flareups are out of discussion too.

Health Considerations

If you are into healthy diets and foods, probably you will want to know which option is better for you.

Fortunately, many electric grills come with a slant. Therefore, dripping liquids are trapped into a tray. Outdoor grills do not always have a tray. The amount of fat and watery liquids is pretty much the same, only you cannot always see it.

With all these aspects in mind, there are no major health related differences when switching to electric grill recipes.

Electric Grill Recipes for Newbies

While you can literally find thousands of electric grill recipes over the Internet, yet there are a few tasty things every newbie should try.

  • Sweet and spicy pork chops
  • Herb and garlic portabella mushrooms
  • Parmesan chicken
  • Spicy amaretto nectarines

Lacking of imagination? Anything you could cook outdoors can be done indoors as well, so let your imagination go free. For BBQ spices, check our Spice N Tice.

Final Thought

Bottom line, there are not too many differences between coal, wood and electric grills, apart from the actual operation. You may not have the smoky flavor of coal or wood, but you can still barbecue during the cold season in a cleaner way.

However, if you prefer the char-grilled flavor, check out this article for the lists of the top recommended BBQ grills.

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