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Jeremy is here to help you get the right tools and equipment for your yard and garden. Being obsessed with them for almost a decade, he knows how important quality and reliability is when using them. For this reason, he will focus on creating and sharing content that not only cover the latest information and trends but also his insights on the best products that will suit your needs and requirements.

Mowing Wet Grass: 5 Common Questions Answered!

The best time for mowing is when the weather is dry and the grass has no droplets. This is because the morning dew or rain moisture bends the grass. As a result, a straight cut will not be so easy. It is also believed that disease can rapidly spread while mowing damp grass. This is because […]

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Snow Blower vs Leaf Blower (Which Type is Better?)

When it comes to the winter months, everyone has a few different tools at their disposal to handle clearing away the wintery weather that lands on the doorstep or driveway. But aside from using a shovel, there are two machines commonly-used for clearing away large amounts of snow. Snow blowers are machines specifically-designed to clear […]

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10 Best Handheld Leaf Blowers for 2019 [Gas & Cordless]

Leaf blower is one of the most versatile home appliances you could ever own. It imposes tidiness from nooks and crannies around the house to a large area of greenery flooded with dry leaves. Leaf blowers offer power to keep your surrounding well-groomed and tidy in all seasons. Due to the versatile utility they are meant […]

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Best Backpack Leaf Blower (The Ultimate 2019 Guide)

Disclosing the best backpack leaf blower can be tricky with so many choices out there. At first glance, most of them seems to share the most common features, yet small details makes the difference. You don’t necessarily have the time to go through each product individually before making a final decision, hence the importance of going with […]

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8 Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviewed [Ultimate 2019 Guide]

With summer just around the corner, it is time to start thinking on how you will maintain your lawn. Gas-operated lawn mowers are long gone. At present, an electric lawn mower is a great option that is safe for the environment. In order to help you in deciding which electric lawn mower to choose, here are […]

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